Supports & Services for Ukrainian Newcomers on the North Shore May 18, 2022

If you are a Ukrainian newcomer (temporary or permanent resident) on the North Shore and in need of services and supports, please contact us.

We provide free-of-cost services supported by the BC and Canadian governments. We can assist you and your family with:

  • Taking Your First Steps in Canada
    • Learn about the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET) and other Canadian immigration streams
    • Learn how to apply for:
      • Open work permits and study permits in Canada
      • Social Insurance Number (SIN)
      • BC Driver’s License
      • BC Services Card
    • Explore government services, benefits, and subsidies
  • Health Services
    • Learn how to:
      • Apply for BC Medical Service Plan – MSP (health insurance)
      • Access BC PharmaCare for prescription drugs coverage
      • Get the COVID-19 vaccine
    • Navigate health care services (e.g. emergency services, hospitals, urgent care centres, family doctors, mental health / trauma supports, etc.)
  • Housing
    • Connect to housing information
    • Learn how to apply for rental assistance if eligible
    • Learn about rights and responsibilities of renters and landlords in BC
  • Employment
    • Find a job
    • Access skills upgrading and jobs training
    • Gain Canadian certifications (e.g. First Aid, Forklift, etc.) or assistance with international credential recognition
    • Learn about rights and responsibilities of workers and employers in BC
  • English Language Learning
    • Register for formal English language classes (all levels)
    • Sign up for English conversation circles
  • Children & Education
    • Register children (age 5 to 18) for school
    • Learn about the Canadian school system
    • Access programs for parents and families
    • Access childcare resources
    • Learn about post-secondary education system
  • Much more! We offer additional information, referrals, and activities to support you and your family.

To set up an appointment with an Impact North Shore staff, please contact us at 604-988-2931 or We are able to provide interpretation support in Ukrainian and Russian.

Additional Resources

Information & Resources for Community Supporters of Ukrainian Newcomers May 18, 2022

If you are currently supporting Ukrainian newcomers in your community on the North Shore, please connect with us. We can work together to ensure Ukrainian newcomers receive comprehensive and accurate information, resources, and services to successfully settle on the North Shore. Please contact us at 604-988-2931 or

Other Ways to Support Ukrainian Newcomers

Government Updates on Ukraine Emergency & Supports for People Affected May 18, 2022

The Government of Canada provides information on the number of applications received by Ukrainian citizens, the number of approved applications, as well as the number of Ukrainian citizens who have arrived in Canada. Learn more about Ukraine Immigration Measures –

Most Ukrainians coming to Canada are expected to arrive through the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel program as temporary residents. Under this new federal program, Ukrainians and their family members will be allowed to stay in Canada as temporary residents for up to three years. Ukrainians will be allowed to apply for a three-year open work permit.  The Family Re-Unification immigration stream is another pathway for Ukrainians with family in Canada to arrive as permanent residents. Learn more about immigration measures for people affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine –

Additional Government News Updates

Ukrainian Community in Metro Vancouver & North Shore Fact Sheet April 2022
Refugees: Information and Resources March 24, 2022

 Refugees: Information and Resources

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has estimated that at the end of 2020, 82.4 million people have been forcibly displaced worldwide and over 26.4 million refugees have left their countries due to war, climate change, violence, and instability. (Source: UNHCR – Figures at a Glance)

Refugees and displaced persons experience tremendous uncertainty and suffering in their journey to find safety from war, violence, climate change and unstable conditions. The UNHCR reports on 14 current refugee emergencies including: Afghanistan, Burundi, Central African Republic, Displacement in Central America, DR Congo, Ethiopia Tigray, Nigeria, Rohingya, Sahel, South Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela and Yemen. Learn more –

Afghanistan Emergency

After decades of conflict, 24 million people in Afghanistan are in need of vital humanitarian aid, 3.4 million people have been internally displaced as of December 31, 2021, and 5.7 million Afghans and host communities in five neighbouring countries are in need of support. Donate to UNHCR Afghanistan emergency response –

Learn more about Canada’s response to the situation in Afghanistan and how you can help –

Ukraine Emergency

As of March 22 2022, it is estimated that over 3.6 million people have become refugees as a result of the war in Ukraine. The UNHCR is responding to the emergency on the ground by setting up reception centers, emergency shelters, distributing supplies, and responding to the needs of the most vulnerable such as children travelling alone and people with disabilities. The latest data and to donate to UNHCR Ukraine emergency response –

Canada is in the process of developing multiple immigration and migration pathways for Ukrainian refugees –

Learn about Canada’s conflict response and how you can help –

More information:


Impact North Shore provides comprehensive services to immigrants, migrants, and refugees on the North Shore. In alignment with the International Declaration of Human Rights, we believe that everyone has the right to seek protection from persecution and recognise that intersections of race, gender, LGBTQIA+ status, poverty, age, and ability increase the vulnerability of refugees and displaced persons. If you would like donate to local services that support immigrants and refugees, you can donate to Impact North Shore –


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