Canada is noted as one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world by the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) according to their 2019 A Nation of Entrepreneurs: The Changing Face of Canadian Entrepreneurship report.  Based on the research, nearly a quarter of entrepreneurs in Canada are newcomers and it is noted that immigrant-led businesses create more net jobs per business than businesses owned by the Canadian-born population.

Here at Impact North Shore, we support entrepreneurship education for newcomers. This spring, we launched our latest employment program, Welcome to Entrepreneurship: Newcomers Self-Employment Program, specifically designed to support newcomers to determine if entrepreneurship is a viable career option in BC!

This new program guides newcomers through the experience of discovering opportunities in the local market, exploring possibilities that could work for them, and taking meaningful steps to determine if entrepreneurship is the path for them.

The journey to entrepreneurship, much like the journey of immigration is filled with challenges and obstacles to overcome. Many newcomers arrive with a wealth of experience and expertise in business from their home countries and this program provides prospective entrepreneurs with the tools, resources and connection needed to assess their business ideas.

If you are a newcomer interested in starting your own business, visit our website to learn more and contact us today!