Exacerbated by the global COVID-19 pandemic, the recent rise in experiences of racism and hate crimes on the North Shore and across the country has amplified the need for building understanding and advancing anti-racism efforts. In Fall 2020, as a part of a broader series of community engagement activities, the North Shore Immigrant Inclusion Partnership (NSIIP) – a project of Impact North Shore (formerly North Shore Multicultural Society) – hired a research consultant to conduct an environmental scan of existing racial equity models and identify promising practices in this arena of work.

We are thrilled to be sharing the final report, “Moving Towards Racial Equity: An Environmental Scan of Models & Frameworks”, which highlights key principles, practices and specific actions for advancing racial equity work and disaggregated data collection in different spheres of impact. The research offers reflections from local racial equity experts and a select number of community stakeholders, in addition to highlighting the themes emerging from the community engagement activities aimed at improving individual & collective understandings of anti-racism.

This report is intended as a resource for local institutions, agencies, and community members looking to further their own understanding and implementation of best practices in racial equity planning models and frameworks.

View the full report here, or view the report summary here.