Impact North Shore has proudly offered a wide range of services to migrant workers for over a decade including settlement, employment, community connections and English language learning programs. Our new Migrant Workers Support Program offers specialized support to migrant workers who experience vulnerability and exclusion in our communities. This program focuses on providing information on migrant workers’ rights and responsibilities, rights empowerment in the workplace, application for permanency and benefits, inclusion through social and cultural activities, and emergency support (shelter, housing, food, clothing, and trauma counselling services).

As Canada increases its immigration targets in the coming years, more temporary permit holders have the opportunity to move to permanency in Canada.

Our program is designed to meet migrant workers where they are and support them to navigate the local labour market and achieve a sense of belonging and stability in their North Shore communities. We offer a variety of support including immigration information, employment rights and protection, family benefits, health, language learning, and cultural integration activities for individuals and families.

If you are a migrant worker in our community, we encourage you to reach out to us to learn more about our program and how we can support you.