The North Shore Multicultural Society (NSMS) has become aware of a recent increase in anti-Asian racism in the form of graffiti in our community spaces, along with ongoing verbal attacks and public intimidation. NSMS strongly condemns all acts of hate which impact and threaten our community safety and infringe on human rights.

In a recent NSMS survey, 19 % of North Shore newcomer participants who immigrated from countries in East Asia reported that they have experienced an attack, harassment, or discrimination based on race. In Vancouver, a report released by the Vancouver Police Department indicated a 717% increase in anti-Asian hate crimes in 2020. A survey conducted by the Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice, reported that 1,150 people experienced incidents of anti-Asian racism in Canada between March 2020 and February 2021.

Everyone in our community has a role to play to stop anti-Asian racism. We need to acknowledge Canada’s long history of anti-Asian violence including the restrictive covenants on land ownership, anti-immigrant laws such as the Chinese Head Tax, and the anti-Asian riots in Vancouver in 1907. Addressing anti-Asian racism also means working to dismantle structural racism and the disproportionate exclusion of Indigenous, Black, and other racialized communities. We need to stand together and take action against racism in all its forms and assert that acts of hate are not acceptable in our community.

If you have experienced racism, please know you can connect with us at the North Shore Multicultural Society – we can help you get support. NSMS continues to work in partnership with other North Shore agencies and institutions through our Centre for Diversity and Innovation and the North Shore Immigrant Inclusion Partnership to bring greater awareness to actions we can take to further combat racism in our community.

The North Shore Multicultural Society is a not-for-profit agency providing a full range of individual and group services for immigrants including: settlement information and orientation, English language learning, employment, and diversity services. Our mission is to offer comprehensive and innovative services for newcomers and to strengthen inclusion and equity across North Shore communities.


Note: The North Shore Multicultural Society is now Impact North Shore! As of September 2021, we have changed our brand name to Impact North Shore. Learn more about this change here.