If you are a Ukrainian newcomer (temporary or permanent resident) on the North Shore and in need of services and support, please contact us.

We provide free-of-cost services supported by the BC and Canadian governments. We can assist you and your family with:

  • Taking Your First Steps in Canada
    • Learn about the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET) and other Canadian immigration streams
    • Learn how to apply for:
      • Open work permits and study permits in Canada
      • Social Insurance Number (SIN)
      • BC Driver’s License
      • BC Services Card
    • Explore government services, benefits, and subsidies


  • Health Services
    • Learn how to:
      • Apply for BC Medical Service Plan – MSP (health insurance)
      • Access BC PharmaCare for prescription drugs coverage
      • Get the COVID-19 vaccine
    • Navigate health care services (e.g. emergency services, hospitals, urgent care centres, family doctors, mental health/trauma supports, etc.)


  • Housing
    • Connect to housing information
    • Learn how to apply for rental assistance if eligible
    • Learn about the rights and responsibilities of renters and landlords in BC


  • Employment
    • Find a job
    • Access skills upgrading and jobs training
    • Gain Canadian certifications (e.g. First Aid, Forklift, etc.) or assistance with international credential recognition
    • Learn about the rights and responsibilities of workers and employers in BC


  • English Language Learning
    • Register for formal English language classes (all levels)
    • Sign up for English conversation circles


  • Children & Education
    • Register children (age 5 to 18) for school
    • Learn about the Canadian school system
    • Access programs for parents and families
    • Access childcare resources
    • Learn about the post-secondary education system


  • Much more! We offer additional information, referrals, and activities to support you and your family.


To set up an appointment with an Impact North Shore staff, please contact us at 604-988-2931 or office@impactnortshore.ca. We are able to provide interpretation support in Ukrainian and Russian.


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